Vodka can be considered primarily as a base for cocktails, but in vodka-loving countries such as Russia and Poland, it is always accompanied by food. Basically anything smoked, pickled or cured works well. Here are some ideas:

* Caviar or lumpfish roe (if the latter is used to cover sliced eggs or stuffed or mini baked potatoes with sour cream)

* Smoked fish of all kinds: smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and especially smoked eel

* Blinis with smokey fish dressings

* Pickled herrings, especially with hot potatoes

* German and Polish style sausage especially smoked sausage

* Smoked hams or pork sirloin

* Dried or Smoked Beef

* Meat or deer tartar

* Pierogi (Polish Style Meatballs): Here's a recipe

* Beetroot in all forms: borscht, beet salad, beetroot pickle

* Cucumber, Idem - in salad (especially with dill) and pickled. Those big bittersweet cucumbers are especially good.

* Russian salad (carrots, peas and potato) or the most elaborate Olivier Salad

* Creamy or salty cheese, especially with dill

* Radishes, especially pickled

* Capers

* Breads black like rye and rye

Vodka would also go with the kind of dishes you serve with other white liquors like aquavit, ouzo or raki, so if you fancy taking it in another direction, try Greek or Turkish style meze.